11 More Money Saving Tips for Students

Learning to live on a tight budget can be a challenge at any age, but it’s particularly difficult for students who are struggling to pay their tuition and basic living expenses without completely sacrificing their social lives. Getting the most out of a limited income requires advance planning and a little self-discipline, but it can […] Read more »

Cashing Out Your 401k Account

Cashing out 401k is possible especially if a person has a valid reason to do so. However, whether you like it or not, you will be charged with a 10% penalty and other taxes that are due. In the U.S., people who decide to cash out their account will face 30 to 40% of penalty […] Read more »

Guidelines in Opening IRA

Like when you open a bank account or a membership to an organization, you need to hear some guidelines before you finally set up an account with the IRA. Guidelines, as its name implies, will guide you to whatever things that you have to do. First and foremost, I advice that you take time to […] Read more »