A Guide to Battling Credit Card Debt

Credit card bills and debts are the most common threats to the economy of the country as well as to the financial status of an individual. According to a recent statistics from the US government, credit card debt delinquencies increase at about 5 percent every year with 2009 being the dubbed “year of credit card […] Read more »

Defaulting on a Secured Credit Card

photo credit: Ciaran McGuiggan In order to obtain a small business secured credit card your company must first hand over a security deposit. This money is held in a special account as collateral and protects the card issuer in the event that you fail to make the required monthly payments to repay your borrowing. Different […] Read more »

Looking At Settling Credit Card Debt

Some Suggestions In Regard To Settling Credit Card Debt If one takes the time and puts in the efforts necessary, settling credit card debt by themselves will probably save them a substantial amount of money. There are some things that one should know and keep in mind as they begin this process. In most situations, […] Read more »

Credit Card Default – Avoidance and Credit Repair Strategies

It is doubtful that there has ever been a more insidious or destructive financial or credit related product ever created that exceeds that of compound interest credit cards. Credit cards have destroyed more lives, families, hopes and dreams than perhaps any other financial product with perhaps the possible exception of the mortgage. Due to their […] Read more »