Minority Grants and Scholarships for College

It is a fact that these days’ minorities have more grants available to them than any other group, especially when it comes to attending college. There are many available scholarships and minority grants available, so you must do your research.

If you are African American, there are more opportunities available for free grants than any other minority group. The most popular choice is the UNCF, or United Negro College Fund. Here, African American students can apply for grant programs. You can find grants available for over 30 colleges that are predominantly African American. You can also check out the March of Dimes scholarship for nursing, the Mordecai Wyatt Johnson grant program, as well as the APA’s fellowship program for minorities. This list is not all inclusive.

The least represented group at this time is Hispanic Americans. Fewer grants are available to this group than others. But, as the Hispanic population is on the rise in the US, more grants are becoming available. In fact, the government is taking steps to fun Hispanic universities located in the United States. Hispanic Americans should look into the Hispanic Nurses Association scholarship and grants programs, as well as the Silicon Valley Scholarship, among others.

If you are Asian American you have choices as well. The Luisa Mallari Fellowship is a very popular grant among Asian Americans. This provides them with the chance to learn in the country of their ancestry. You can also apply for the Asian American Journalists Association grant program, the AMF of New York’s program, as well as the Association for Asian Studies.

Native Americans can qualify for many scholarships and grants providing they can prove their heritage. To do this you will need a Certificate of Indian Blood and be a member of a Native American tribe. Unfortunately, many deserving students are unable to qualify because they cannot provide these documents. You should inquire with the Indian Adult Education regarding grant programs. The Minority Science and Engineering Improvement organization, as well as the Fish and Wildlife service offers grants for Native Americans.

Whether you are a minority or not, you should always start your search for funding by completing and submitting the FAFSA. Grants are a big help, but they may not always cover everything you need to pay for college. The FAFSA will give you the opportunity to add student loans to your college funding arsenal and cover everything you need to pay for college.