Fast Credit Repair: Is It Possible?

It is entirely too easy to ruin your credit score. Many of us have already severely damaged it by the time we are in our early twenties. What one doesn’t immediately realize is that they are making it extremely hard for them to make serious purchases (such as a home or a car) in the future. When the day comes and they realize what they’ve done, they immediately start looking for a fast credit repair. But is there such a thing?

The first thing that usually pops into a person’s head is, can someone fix my credit? Of course there are numerous credit repair companies that can assist you in righting your debts. This is the way to go for some people. But, keep in mind, it will cost you. They provide a valuable service that some are more than willing to pay for. Others, however, would rather put that money toward the debt that they owe and do the dirty work themselves.

It won’t be easy, but you are capable of fixing your credit yourself. And as for a fast fix… keep in mind that it won’t necessarily happen overnight. Persistence pays off, so keep at it.

When attempting to fix your credit score, you must first determine what went wrong. Start by getting a copy of your personal credit report (this will cost approximately 40.00). There, you will be able to see all your creditors and the amounts you owe.

Next, look for anything that goes back farther than seven years. These should be taken off the record. If they aren’t, write a request to the bureau that the outdated information be removed. Also look for any noted missed payments. You can dispute these by sending a letter asking for proof of the late payment. Often times they do not have time to reply within the time required so they must removed the item from your report.

Also, remember to keep good records of your correspondence with the creditors. Remember, fast credit repair is attainable only through hard work!